Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fan Film Friday: Spotlight On Dark Armada, Victory

Here's this week's fan films picks

1. Star Trek: Dark Armada, a Netherlands based fan film Is going to release their new 10 minute shorts early this year. I had the opportunity to interview the executive producer, Robin Hiert. Enjoy!

So, how did you come up with Dark Armada?
I started writing a short story titled Dark Armada, that I published on the internet. It was just a story until I saw a fan series called Hidden Frontier. There wasn’t anything like that going on here in the Netherlands so I started to ask around, trying to find the people and the means to make a series such as Hidden Frontier. When we started to make a fan series we kept the name and pieces of that storyline. I can’t really explain the what the title means as I think that would spoil some episodes. You’ll just have to watch the show!

Why did you choose the Nova class, and what is your ship name?
I think the Nova class is a very nice looking ship, it was seen in the episode “Equinox” from Star Trek Voyager. We named our ship the Batavia, after a 17th century Dutch ship travelling to the city Batavia. Unfortunately this ship never reached her destination, let’s hope the new one has a bit more luck, huh.

The Nova class was originally a scout ship, but the Batavia has been refitted in 2382 and she is now part of a taskforce assigned to a region called the Dark Hinterlands.

So, you write your scripts. What is your target when writing them ( style, ETC)?
I’m responsible for everything related to the pre production of the episodes. That is everything you do before you start filming.

Before I write a script I first think about what I want to give to the audience. A message like that can be as simple as “Be nice to your parents”, but of course you try to think of something currently happening somewhere in the world.

When I have that message I start working on a story around it, using the characters and environment of the show. Then I usually ask someone else to give it a read, to see if it makes sense. And then of course it’s time to work out all the details in a script.

What is the main enemy?Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out in our upcoming episodes.
When is it being released?
We’re currently working on the post production of a short episode. I don’t do that myself, we have some wonderful people gluing everything together and I can tell you it’s a lot of work! This short titled “Worst Nightmare” will be released somewhere around February/March, we don’t have an exact date yet. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates!

We’re also working on the pre production for another 2 shorts, which will be a two-parter titled “Choices”.

Who is your cast?
Go to our website and look for “cast” in the menu, there you will find the cast including their

I’ve seen your test episode, could you tell us the changes that will happen between that one and the new episode? And maybe give us a link?
All I can say is that the upcoming episode will be much better in quality than the test episode. That’s exactly why we did a test episode, to see what could be improved. It can be watched in our download section on the website.

Thank you For your time! Make sure to visit for the latest on Star Trek: Dark Armada. And make sure to watch their ten minute short coming in February/March!

Thanks To Robin Hiert!

Here is the Trailer for the 10 minute shorts!

Heres a poster:

And if you just can't wait, here's the first episode they ever did! ( only in WMV)

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2. Star Trek: Victory Trailer Online.
From yours truly, and Buffs79 comes our new series!
Heres the trailer..Enjoy!

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Star Trek Trailer Online!

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