Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fan Made XI' Ships Are Starting To Appear On The Web! *UPDATE: MORE IMAGES!

This one, you would think was done by the production crew. Nope. This is a model by the " Light Works" Tobias Ricter. Heres a Battle Scene. Take a look! Click HERE to visit his Youtube page
for more animations!

Now, The new USS Enterprise has an AMAZING mesh!!!! This will raise hopes of fans dreading the new " Big E" . It is actually not the Enterprise. The author calls it the USS Norton.
It is amazing. If you would like to see the development thread, click here.

Heres another, done by animator.

Heres one, done by gregored

This one was done by madman1701a

Heres another, done by him. Notice the Kelvin in the background.

There Are more Pictures On . We will continue to provide the latest fan made images!

We hope to have more fan made Images as more material start to be released by Paramount!

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