Saturday, January 10, 2009

Star Trek: Victory Has A New Poster

Star Trek: Victory has launched a new poster!! It has a ship ( not aloud to tell exactly) flying out!! Well, here it is!

Trek Check Now Has A Forum!

Make sure to sign up!!!


A preview for the lead up comic is now avaliable!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto To Present Trek At Golden Globe!

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, the actors starring as James T. Kirk and Spock during their early Starfleet careers in the upcoming "Star Trek" movie, have been set as presenters and will make their first live television appearance at "The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards" to be telecast live on NBC Sunday, January 11 (8 - 11 p.m. EST) at The Beverly Hilton.

Make sure to watch!!!

Fan Films Friday

There isn't much news on the fan film front, but we do have this years fan film awards!!

1. I really liked Star Trek: Blood And Fire, So that is my first pick, with some new frontiers in that episode.

2. Star Trek: Intrepid. They are just great, expect them to be Phase 2 caliber in about a year!

3. This was hard, but i believe it should go to the Helena chronicles. A great, interesting production.

Most anticipated fan films of 2009-

1. Star Trek: Dark Armada

This is their first "real" episode. I expect Phase II caliber, right after release!

2. Star Trek: Victory

So much secrecy. ( i know im creator) Some inside news:
Expect the first poster by Monday or so!

Star Trek Will Play In The Super Bowl!

Well, it won't be on the field, but if you bought a plasma TV for the NFL playoffs, you will get to see the Star trek Trailer on it in another first! According to variety, one of the most watched television premiers, the Super Bowl will finally have Star Trek included.So, even if you don't like football, watch football Febuary 1st! This will also be the first ever Star Trek advertisment to appear in the Super Bowl. So, Febuary 1st.. REMEMBER!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Item Pictures!

Here are the pictures from CES!!!!

** Thanks To TrekMovie!**

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Star Trek Movie Props ON DISPLAY @ CES Convention

From The Webmaster Program!!

Lenovo, one of the marketing partners on STAR TREK, will be displaying three original props from the upcoming feature film at this years CES Convention in Las Vegas. Included in this display are Kirk’s Communicator, Uhura’s Communications Unit and Bones’ Medical Tricorder.
Visitors can view these props in front of the AquaKnox restaurant at the Venetian Hotel starting tonight at 6pm (Wednesday, January 7th) through midnight (12am) on Friday, January 9th.

I will try to get pictures ASAP! This is the begining of 09 marketing, folks!

Off Topic Wednesday!

Even though our slogan is All Trek, All The time, we have to go on the off topics at time.
Here is some cool news:

* We are now on twitter.. sorry Trekmovie. It was already on my mind.

* NEW LOGO! Thank you Elizadolots!

* Computer Generated Actors:

Silicon Valley is on the verge of producing sophisticated software that will allow motion picture companies to create actors on a computer who are visually indistinguishable from real people, San Jose's Mercury News reported today (Thursday). In the words of the newspaper, which closely follows the sofware industry, when software engineers finally achieve what it calls "the holy grail of animation," stars would be able to "keep playing iconic roles even as they aged past the point of believability like Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft or Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter." Rick Bergman, general manager of AMD's graphics products group, told the Mercury News that his company "is getting real close" to producing computer-generated actors that will look identical to real human beings.

It'd going to be a tough one as the Panthers take on Arizona at 8:15 on FOX.

*Not too much in the news. Please pray for the Roddenberry family as they take on tough times with the passing of Majel.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twitter And Facebook!

Visit our Twitter page at for up to the minute updates.

Our Facebook And Youtube Pages should be up and running by the end of the week!
So stay tuned!

Star Trek Is DONE!!!

it has been reported that Star Trek, is done!!! That means that the marketing will most likely start soon. We will have every piece of marketing reported. That means, I will not be throwing away my Burger King kids meal toy, as well. It also means we may all find ourselves in the toy section, looking for Star Trek Models, amd even in the girls section for the Barbies.

Another big thing is that it has been announced that award winning Ben Burtt is providing sound effects. You know, the guy who did Star Wars, ET, and Wall-E.He created the iconic lightsaber and R-2 D2 sounds. He is, of course a Trek fan. He says he was very excited about this one, and i'm sure he did have fun creating phaser sounds and re-introducing our favorite little alarm.

Trek Check has also hit a milestone. Thanks To Elizadolots, we now have our official logo!!! She did a great job, so, again a big THANK YOU to Eliza.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Quinto And Pine Talk Trek In WSJ Interview

The Wall Street Journal Interviewed Quinto (Spock) and Pine (Kirk).
Spock says he felt like a "nerd" dressing up like Mr. Spock. Click Here to see the full interview!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Star Trek XI- On The Cover Of March Star Trek Magazine!

This will be avaliable March 18th in the US!
It will feature the two movie posters. Titan Magazines released the following statement:

J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek film is warping into theaters in May, and Star Trek Magazine features exclusive articles and photography about the film you'll find nowhere else. We would say more about it, but Section 31 and Starfleet Intelligence will send us to the dilithium mines on Rura Penthe if we did! Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive editions.

Heres The Magazine cover, so far:

We will continue to cover this special edition magazine as more details are revealed!

Musical Sunday

Our first ever musical sunday takes the best star trek Scores, and I rate Them!
Heres one of my all time favorites!
Heres the first pick! At the bottom, you can vote for your favorite score of the three!
Thanks To Poll Daddy!

" The Enterprise"- Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek: TMP - 1979