Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Star Trek Is DONE!!!

it has been reported that Star Trek, is done!!! That means that the marketing will most likely start soon. We will have every piece of marketing reported. That means, I will not be throwing away my Burger King kids meal toy, as well. It also means we may all find ourselves in the toy section, looking for Star Trek Models, amd even in the girls section for the Barbies.

Another big thing is that it has been announced that award winning Ben Burtt is providing sound effects. You know, the guy who did Star Wars, ET, and Wall-E.He created the iconic lightsaber and R-2 D2 sounds. He is, of course a Trek fan. He says he was very excited about this one, and i'm sure he did have fun creating phaser sounds and re-introducing our favorite little alarm.

Trek Check has also hit a milestone. Thanks To Elizadolots, we now have our official logo!!! She did a great job, so, again a big THANK YOU to Eliza.

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